Top Of The World | EP

by Brad Steiger

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released August 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Brad Steiger Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Top Of The World
The pace my mind is moving
Feels like a racing car
The face my heart's pursuing
Is soon to be so far

She's on her mark she's set to go
She flying high I'm laying low
I think it's time I let her know
I think it's time I let you know

That I don't wanna say goodbye
Don't wanna have to lie & say
That you're not always on my mind
You & all the things that you do
I'm crazy but maybe I got nothing left to lose

It's 6am & I'm wide awake
Thinking about all that's at stake
August is coming & I am still running after you

I'm waking to reality
Thinking this & that & how are we
But there's a peace tonight & just want you to know

I feel so on top of the world with you...

Don't you worry bout
Don't you worry bout nothing
Track Name: You
There's a girl a thousand miles away
There’s a girl who makes me smile everyday
There's a girl that girl is you

There's a dream we have in mind
There's a dream where you're by my side
There's a dream that dream's with you

Yeah it's with you & all the things that you do
Cause everytime I wake up my dreams are coming true
(& there’s one that I just keep on running to
Where we’re young & in love & I’m growing old with you)

I got you running round in my head
I really should be sleeping but you're on my mind instead
& I hope you never forget
No matter where you go
You're never far from home

There’s a heart that's fallen for you
From the start I can't ignore you
Where you are is where I wanna be

Here we are now we're together
& though we're far now just think forever
Wishing on stars now just me & you

The time has come & here we are in the Florida days
& everything just feels so right
So in the good & in the bad & in the walking thru
Let's keep our eyes on the light

I'm falling for you & I can't get up now
Track Name: Bench Song
Take the clock back just an hour
To the moment I knew that I must have found her
The one who's taking my heart every day
Time is time & distance is miles
Moments like this will sure last a while
Cause I have been wondering now I am fumbling words to say

You, you & me
This could be something real
Too soon to lose
We must choose
Who we are

I can't stop smiling when you're
On my mind & when you're
All the time just being you
I can't stop dreaming when it
Keeps on seeming like your
Falling for me too
Are you falling for me too?
Rest on my shoulder

Haven't felt this way forever
& even when we're not together
It feels like you're right by side everyday
Time is time & the future is scary
But that's no burden that we need to carry
Cause God is a God who's holding the world in his hands
Track Name: You're Mine, I'm Yours
I was looking for a home
For this wandering heart
I was feeling so alone
Till I met who you are

Then I took your hand
Said I'm never letting go
You were leaving I was scared
240 days ago

Never thought for a second that I
Could love you more
Never think for a minute you're not worth fighting for
Cause I know it in my heart that
You're mine, I'm yours

It's been trying it's left scars
There's been crying there’s been wars
Learning to love & love & letting go
Being okay when we don't know

But time is flying like the planes in the sky
Pushing through rain & storms & darkness of the night
Soon we'll be landing & you'll be back home
Now only 40 days to go

& I'm sorry for the wounds that I have left on you
& I'm sorry for the words I've said that are far from true
Cause every little bit of you is like a precious jewel
You're beautiful

& I’m sorry for the days that I have brought you down
All the memories we’d like to turn around
For the ones to come where my love does not abound
& I’m only thinking me

& i know that in the end this all is for our good
Leaving in the past these days we wish we would
be slow in our anger quick in showing love
knowing in our waiting Jesus is enough
As we keep drawing closer seeking things above
& though we climb this mountain, falling deep in love
Track Name: Keep Holding On
Just a few more days in the scheme of things
But I’m feeling all that you mean to me
Cause a day without you here feels like forever
I’m holding onto the memories
Keep my anchor in the sea
Its okay, we’re talking bout forever

Keep holding on
It won’t be long
Every call, every fear
Every fallen tear will be worth it in the end

No we can’t do this alone
Honestly we both don’t know
the what the where the when & how to be
Day by day we’re moving on
Letting go of both our wrongs
I’m sorry for whatever I can’t see

& no it ain’t easy
I know it can be real hard
But I hope you’ll believe me
I’m with you wherever you are
I’m with you no matter where you are